E-cigarettes & Tobacco Sales

High Risk Merchant Account for E-cigarette and Vapor Business The e-cigarette/ecig/vape/personal vaporizer industry is truly booming. Technology and fast adaptation has helped spawn numerous e-cigarette businesses across the globe at a very fast rate. E-cigarette vendors sell anything from the devices themselves, to the e-juice liquid as well as accessories and parts. E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine (as well as other additives in the e-juice), as it is usually used as an alternative to smoking. Further, there are large concerns to whether e-cigarettes pose health risks. Regulations and laws are still changing and forming, thus, e-cigarette businesses are generally considered as a type of “high risk” merchant. It is especially high risk when vendors are selling over the Internet (ecommerce ecig vendors). E-cigarette vendors of any type should consider contacting a high risk merchant account provider to increase their chances of being able to accept credit cards. Please contact us at 1-818-500-0001 or